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OPPO Malaysia's Website Using Guide
Welcome to OPPO Malaysia Website. This is general provision and website using guide of , including contents using, services and features. We use "OPPO" or "We" or "Us" to refer OPPO Malaysia, and "You" to refer user or website user.
You can download or print or copy the material of our website only for your personal use, non-commercials, and you have no right to modify or edit the materials and delete or change the copyrights without the prior written consent of OPPO. You agree not to distribute, broadcast and circulate any information contained in the materials, without prior written consent of OPPO. If you find any materials that doesn’t have any correlation or it’s not belong to OPPO Malaysia, you can immediately inform us, so we can immediately erase it from this website.
Terms of Service
You are agree to respect any conditions that have beeen issued by OPPO Malaysia by accessing and using the contents in this website, such as feature or product; and it will regularly update under Malaysia law. If you do not agree to this website's Terms of Service, we suggest you by not access any services or contents in this website.
OPPO Malaysia shall not be liable to you and can't charge by any claims or lawsuit for any damage suffered as a result of function failure, error, interruption, defect or transmission delaying, disconnecting of internet network, computer virus or inability of website accessing.
Any submissions and advices, such as ideas, proposal, drawing, scheme or any other submissions that you inform to this website, will be OPPO Malaysia's property rights. Any submissions and advices may be used by OPPO Malaysia without restriction for any purpose whatsoever, including, without limitation, reproduction, publication or transmission and you hereby irrevocably give up any claim that any use of submissions and advices violate any of your rights and you acknowledge and understand that you will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of OPPO Malaysia's use of any submissions or advices. You also acknowledge responsibly that such submissions and advices are original with you and do not violate or infringe upon the law or untruth or violate morality and infringe any intellectual property rights of publicity from other person.
OPPO Malaysia does not warrant the accuracy and spelling or typing error. OPPO Malaysia is having rights to correct the error or omission in every part of this website and also can change, add or delete the contents in this websites any time without prior notification.
The material that is provided by OPPO Malaysia in this website, are adjusting with Malaysia law and OPPO Malaysia disclaims any and all warranties, written or not.
You acknowledge that you can download or use the materials or link in this websites, but OPPO Malaysia has no liability for any omission in the material and content that is provided by any website third-party.
OPPO Malaysia has no liability for any fraud action or extortion using OPPO Malaysia's name, reputation, trademark or logo by any third-party without written agreement by OPPO Malaysia as Intellectual Property Rights holder.
The law provision of this website using is regulated and interpreted regarding the applied law regulation in Malaysia.